Become a Therapeutic Life Coach


 (ICF) (ACSTH) 70 hours Accreditation approved Program

What are your choices?
What do you want to happen in your life?
How do you make your decisions?
Do you know the magic of choosing for yourself?
What's stopping you?
What can you do differently?


1-The vision of the program: This program is prepared for individuals who work or want to work in the training units of the institutions.


2-Objective of the Program: This program is designed for individuals who want to be more beneficial to the staff with the experience and training of kuruluş human resources, public relations and corporate communication ile with the institutions, individuals and individuals who want to work in this field.



3-Students with this program:

1.Understand the basic features of life coaching.

2. Understand the basic principles of life coaching.

3. To comprehend problem solving techniques with strong questions.

4. Methods of Using Life Coaching Techniques.

5. To comprehend Life Coaching Methods.

6. To comprehend dialectic studies with various examples.

7.Efficient listening, effective speaking to ensure the concepts related to.

8. Grasp the problem solving.



4-Application of the Program

1. In the teaching of the subjects included in the program, written printed booklets of the program will be utilized.

2. In the teaching of the subjects included in the program, powerpoint presentations will be utilized in the computer environment of the program.

3. The trainees are divided into groups; active teaching methods and techniques based on student participation such as question-answer and brainstorming will be used and the trainees will analyze the topics with their groups and share the results of these analyzes orally in the classroom.

4. If necessary, life coaches who are experts in their fields will be used in the lessons.

5. Subjects are interdependent and continuous issues within themselves, cannot be divided.

6. Case studies related to the subjects learned will be discussed in the classroom and students will be given the opportunity to improve their ability to use and analyze the information they have acquired.

7 At the end of the training, the students will make a practical presentation on the subjects they have learned by applying the training topics they have learned.


5-Duration of the Program: 70 hours

1.PROGRAM SECTION: Not to exceed 9 hours per day and 63 hours per week

A. Daily Duration: 9 hours per day

B. Total Time: 70 Hours

1st Week = 9 hours a day x 7 days = 63 hours

Total 7 + 1 day application with 70 hours.


6-Sections of the Program

1. Introduction to Coaching

2. Introduction to Coaching Basic Practices.

3. Coaching Models

4. Advanced Coaching





Topic 1: Introduction to Life Coaching Program

Subject: 2 What is coaching?

Topic: 3 Coach and Consultant

Topic: 4 Being a Coach


Part 2: Introduction to Basic Coaching Practices

Topic 1 Coaching Principles

Topic 2: Coaching Skills


Effective Learning Techniques

-Cognitive Learning

-Concept and Learning

-Unlearned Learning

-Special Learning

-Model Learning Method


Section 3: Coaching Models

1.Coaching Formation

2: Listen

the 3.Sezg


5. What are Strong Questions?

6-Powerful Questions

I 7.Gözle

8. Allow

9. Feedback


Chapter 4-5: Advanced Coaching Skills

Topic: 1 Coaching Steps

Topic 2: Coaching Session Structure

Topic 3: Blind spot studies

Topic 4: Coaching Processes


Section 6; Quantification and consideration

1. Exam and results.


Whoever you are, come anyway.


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